Friday, May 20, 2011


 I don't typically think of art class as a place to create gifts.  I know some people do.  These are the same people who think that elementary art class should be holiday themed.  I couldn't disagree more. However...

 by nature, I'm very generous!  I love making gifts for people, and I know my students do too.
 This year, shortly before Christmas one of my favorite teacher friends gave me a huge basket of pine cones, to do what ever I wanted with them.  I dipped them in red candle wax.

It was a little messy to fill my crock pot with red wax, dip each pine cone individually, and set them out to cool, but they were so pretty when finished.  I screwed in a little eyelet onto each one, in which I added a red ribbon, to be hung on a Christmas tree.  They also make great fire starters for the fire place.
They made  beautiful little gifts.

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