Monday, May 9, 2011


 I call this project, crayon batik.  It's super simple!
 We melt peeled crayons in tuna cans and then paint the melted crayon onto a fabric drawing.
 I use old white sheets to create batik work on.  I find illustrated kids books provide great inspiration for imagery.  I have the kids draw onto the fabric using sharpie pens, this provides a coloring book style image to fill in with color.  We iron off the wax, between newspaper, when we're done coloring.
The fabric is left with simply the dye from the crayons.  This is always super successful!


  1. WOW. You mean to say you use the crayon as both the resist AND the dye? The Sharpie ink, then, works like the black fill ink? I am very much intrigued by this method. o_o

    Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. OK my understanding is you use a sharpie to draw out picture then melt caryons in tuna cans and paint in picture with melted crayons then put newspaper on painting you just did and iron it to get off wax?