Friday, May 20, 2011


 I don't typically think of art class as a place to create gifts.  I know some people do.  These are the same people who think that elementary art class should be holiday themed.  I couldn't disagree more. However...

 by nature, I'm very generous!  I love making gifts for people, and I know my students do too.
 This year, shortly before Christmas one of my favorite teacher friends gave me a huge basket of pine cones, to do what ever I wanted with them.  I dipped them in red candle wax.

It was a little messy to fill my crock pot with red wax, dip each pine cone individually, and set them out to cool, but they were so pretty when finished.  I screwed in a little eyelet onto each one, in which I added a red ribbon, to be hung on a Christmas tree.  They also make great fire starters for the fire place.
They made  beautiful little gifts.


 My classroom really is my home away from home.  I love teaching and spend so much time in my classroom.  My desk is an extension of my handbag.
 It's a bright, cheery, colorful place to want to come and create, for me and the kids.
It's a practical art studio too, where we get very messy and make tons of art.  Being organized and tidy is so helpful!  The kids love to come to a place that's clean, where they always have fun.  They also love to help clean and organize.


 I love working with clay, and so do the kids!
 I have several standards, that I have the kids create every year.
 I keep adding new things too, which is why I like looking at other kids art work, at art shows and art teacher blogs.
Turtles of all types are so fun!  I've done them in so many ways.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Printmaking can be very easy.  Keep the lino-cut block small, and repeat!

These were done with large erasers and colorful markers.
A few lino- cut tools and a safety lesson and 5th to 8th grade kids are ready to go. Boys especially love this assignment because they typically love working with tools.


Tissue paper collage is one of my favorite projects to do with third and fourth grade artists.  This poppy flower collage is great for spring and/ or veterans day.

The kids really love this project!

It's easy to create with scissors and glue on a paint brush (over and under the tissue.) It always looks beautiful!

My inspiration... The late, great Georgia O'Keefe!

Monday, May 9, 2011


 I call this project, crayon batik.  It's super simple!
 We melt peeled crayons in tuna cans and then paint the melted crayon onto a fabric drawing.
 I use old white sheets to create batik work on.  I find illustrated kids books provide great inspiration for imagery.  I have the kids draw onto the fabric using sharpie pens, this provides a coloring book style image to fill in with color.  We iron off the wax, between newspaper, when we're done coloring.
The fabric is left with simply the dye from the crayons.  This is always super successful!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


 Little friends are good friends.  They come in with a smile and a hug, and leave even more joyful!
 My little students love art and they are so perfect for this subject because they are present and have no preconceived notions about how something should look. 

 For this age, it's all about the process, and not about the finished product.  Which is why my job is multidimensional.  I need to develop lessons where kids can experience art, and parents and principals can appreciate the lesson.  This Eric Carle inspired project is perfect for this age level.

Students paint thick heavy color onto card stock and scratch into the wet paint to create texture.  When the paper and paint are dry, paper is cut into cute bug shapes by each student.
 Now you can see why parents and principals alike are pleased, and the kids go home so happy!
This is a great lesson in symmetry.  We all share our painted papers, because each one is so beautiful and colorful, and learning to share is icing on the cake!